Krita Brushes for Illustrators and Concept Artists

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Looking for professional Krita brushes? 🖌

Our brushkit comes with:

  • Over 100 professional-grade presets
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Exclusive tutorials - our learning material will help you get the most out of your favorite drawing program 🙂

We create these presets together with Zhillustrator (landscape painter), Joshua Grier (concept artist), and Nathan from GDquest (teacher and Krita expert)

By buying these brushes, you also fund Free Krita tutorials on the GDquest hannel!

🌱 Hobby version

  • 126 unique brush presets
  • 4 PDF files to help you get started with the brushes

🌟 Pro version

The pro set includes everything from the Hobby package, plus:

  • ✔ 40 minutes of exclusive video tutorials

Try the brushes for Free!

Get half of the brushes for free! There's no catch; it's even Free Software: GDquest brushes lite

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How we design our brushes

The brushes follow a few fundamental concepts. Our goal is to help you to work fast, and to allow you to focus on your art. It is a bloat-free pack, filled with efficient drawing tools.

I favor versatile presets and avoid brush repetition, so you don’t have to keep switching between them to achieve a variety of effects.

The set comes with all sorts of tools, from wet to dry effects. Need a softer blending effect? Use the I and O keys to tweak your opacity and make the blending brushes weaker.

We also go back and improve older presets when we have the opportunity. All three of us work with the brushes to ensure they're well-tested.

Update 16

  • 26 new brushes designed by the professional landscape painter Zhillustrator and concept artist Joshua Grier
  • Complete redesign of the thumbnails, now split into 14 color-coded categories
  • Converted all the brushes to Krita 4
  • The bundle now works as a standalone package: it doesn't rely on Krita's default resources anymore

Update 15

  • 4 new standard presets: chalk, rock and vegetation brushes
  • 2 new charcoal presets (premium)
  • 2 pages PDF to get started with the brushes

Update 14

  • 4 new vegetation presets for grass strands, bushes, grass patches and leaves
  • Video demo of each preset, to learn how to use them in under 5 minutes

Update 13

  • Complete redesign of the brush thumbnails. All 85 brushes now have a new, clearer picture that highlights their stroke and still reads on small screens. It took a lot of work, but now it's done, the set is ready to welcome new presets.
  • Pixel art presets are now in a separate bundle.

This product is not currently for sale.
  • Version 16

  • Standard brushes
  • PDF guides
  • 🌟 Videos (Pro)
  • Version 16
  • Standard brushes126
  • PDF guides4
  • 🌟 Videos (Pro)9


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Krita Brushes for Illustrators and Concept Artists

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